Why Do Professional Baseball Players Use Wooden Bats

Have you ever wondered why professional baseball players use best wooden bats ? After all, most kids use aluminum bats—even in college, where professional players are drafted, aluminum bats are used! If this is the case, then professionals should use them too, right? But in fact, there are some very good reasons why wood bats are used…let’s take a look!

Professional BaseballBats2

1. When baseball first became big, wooden bats were the only option. Baseball became big in America in the early 1900s. At that time, aluminum bats didn’t even exist! However, wood was easy to come by, and could be “whittled” into the shape of a bat easily! Since bats broke easily, and wood was cheap, using wood was logical.

If you’ve ever heard the beautiful sound of a well-hit ball against a wooden bat, you know it was the right call!

2. Aluminum bats are very dangerous. Professional baseball players are very strong, and even with wooden bats, they can hit baseballs over 110 mph! Since aluminum is stronger than wood, players would be able to hit the ball even harder.

And if a line drive were hit right back at the pitcher’s head at maximum speed…ouch! Professional baseball is about fun of the sport, and there’s no need to worry about serious injuries because they’re using aluminum bats instead of wood!

3. Everyone would be able to hit with aluminum bats, and that’s no fun! Part of the fun of baseball is defense. Great pitching performances, diving catches, and phenomenal defensive plays that bring the crowd to their feet!

If everyone used aluminum bats, then every hitter would crush pitches, and games would end with ridiculously high scores. Some of professional baseball’s best players, like Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander wouldn’t be as entertaining as they are now!

Miguel Cabrera
Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera hits a two-run home run off of Baltimore Orioles starter Alfredo Simon in the first inning of a baseball game on Friday, Sept. 23, 2011, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson) Orioles Tigers Baseball

4. A lot of viewers don’t like the sound of an aluminum bat. For some of baseball’s more sensitive viewers, the sound of metal bat hitting is very loud and high-pitched, and that can be annoying.

Would you want to watch baseball if you heard that loud, annoying sound every time a batter made contact? Professional baseball sticks with the beautiful sound of a wood bat hitting a baseball, and for baseball fans, that works out just fine!

5. Wooden bats are easier to train with Anyone can hit a baseball reasonably far with an aluminum bat—it doesn’t require much skill! For professional athletes, training to stay at the top of their game is imperative to their success.

If they don’t work hard, someone else will work harder and take their position from them! But with wooden bats, professionals can focus on improving their hitting and outworking their competitors. If they work hard, they’ll keep their spot!

Well, now you know why professional baseball players use wooden bats instead of aluminum bats! Baseball is a great game, and wooden bats keep the fun, traditional aspects of baseball, while making it entertaining and safe for both players and fans. The next time you go to a ballgame, sit back and appreciate the sweet sound of a wooden bat!


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